We're going to get through this.

"You can call me Helena. Helena Harper. I'm an agent of the USSS, and personal bodyguard of the president. Or I was until the Tall Oaks incident happened. I have to find a way to fix everything - somehow."

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The Exchange. (Helena || Krauser)

Helena looked down at her ice tea, raising it up to her lips then and taking a sip. Even though she was in a bar, she had yet to drink a touch of alcohol. It was probably for that reason, the bartender eyed her a bit. She thought sardonically that he shouldn’t offer non-alcoholic beverages if he was going to eye customers that ordered them oddly. Whatever the case, she preferred not to drink on the job, which she was on the job at the moment. Somewhat.

I hope this is worth it, she thought to herself, stirring her straw.

A few days ago, an unknown person had contacted her branch saying they had information concerning Dermica that would be of interest to them. Of course, they were willing only to offer it at a hefty price, not that that was surprising to Helena. Everyone was about self-interest nowadays as sad as that was.

Helena shifted on the bar stool, feeling a little out of place in her work suit. She hadn’t thought about it much earlier but now she really stood out in this place. Pursing her lips a bit, the female agent brushed the thought away, taking another sip of her drink. She had fulfilled her part of the bargain, the cash sum deposited on a non-name addressed cash-card that was used like that of a debit card. Now it was only a matter of the other person fulfilling theirs.

Her Sig Sauer P229 government addressed handgun was in a holster hidden underneath her dress coat. Even though this affair was in a public area, Helena was never one to go unarmed. Especially after the Tall Oaks incident. It had become a bit of a safety net for her, to be armed in every case. If said informant tried to do anything funny, she’d make sure he’d regret it.